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Originally Posted by JonMS View Post
I got a question.
I recently bought a blackbery curve and actually had the block my BB Data so I would not get charged...... If I use Opera Mini on my phone will I still be charged by rogers for using data ? Or how does it work what will rogers charge me for overall using it?
I don't want to get a bill that is nasty big.


I did post that I was able to succeed with this using Rogers. I did post a more details on the link: New Gmail App and BB Application Loader!

There are a few things to remember. You need a data plan - or you may be charged per KB that is used. I got the new $7 unlimited data plan with Rogers, along with my 25 Mega Incoming, and communicate pack - I changed it from my BB DP $55 + communicate.

You need to remember you need to have Opera Mini installed, and set your APN. I also noticed since I upgraded my handset software to 4.2.107, I am able to use Rogers WAP browser - the BB browser has disappeared (which was expected).

I have even tried brining up a page to do a OTA, and it asks me if to download - have not tested it past that so far. It works great, absolutely no problems - I have Google Maps Mobile, GMAIL Mobile, and Google Calendar Sync running and working without any problems. Let me know, I can give you some more details if you need - but read my post, linked above.

Remember to do a battery pull, and have the latest Handheld software and DM software - makes a difference.

I would take it easy for the 1st month or 2 on your new data plan, and see what charges are being laid.

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