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Originally Posted by ubizmo View Post
I've been running on my 8320 for several weeks now. Yes, there are some bugs, but overall it's been very stable and performs well. The memory leak doesn't seem significantly worse than it was on 4.2, although Opera Mini may be more of a hog--but I'm not sure about that. JiveTalk works fine. In fact, the most conspicuous bug I've noticed is in the Media Manager. I have trouble deleting video clips sometimes, although if I select the "explore" process there's no problem (It's actually not clear to me why there are two overlapping ways of browsing media files). But if I delete them in"explore" the titles still show up in the regular media manager window. If I try to play one, it plays the previous actual video that's present. And after a few file operations, when I enter the Media Manager I see a "scanning" message at the bottom that just stays there. So that's definitely a bug. I've had no rebooting or other weirdness. My 3rd-party apps are Google maps, JiveTalk, Rove File Manager, vNotes voice recorder (I use it because it can make WAV files and if I email an audio message, a lot of people don't like AMR files because they need Real Player, which many people detest), BBweather, Unyverse, Handmark Blackjack. They all work. After following the "optimize" steps with OS 4.5, I have about 25 MB free memory after a reboot, which drops down to under 20 in a couple of days, depending on what I do.

I almost never use BBmessenger, so I haven't experimented with it.

So far, I'm not seeing anything annoying enough to make me downgrade back to 4.2.
I am glad you are having success. I will wait until its officially released and the glitches are worked out.
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