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Originally Posted by sharpie00 View Post
Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry 8100)

JohnClark, I tried it with the media card removed and it still continued to reboot. Thanks for the suggestion though

ArmyGeorge, to be honest, I think it's a good idea to let people talk about what issues they are having. I'm sure there are RIM folks browsing these forums and can be informed of what problems are arising. I honestly believe it takes such a long time for an OS release because not every handset is going to respond the same way. This is why the public release is, in most cases, a positive experience. It addresses issues that people report in these and other forums. A lot of people are reporting successes with 4.5 and then there are those that aren't. Just keep that in mind before you start lashing out unnecessarily.
The point of not releasing the beta isn't so that you limit the number of users testing it, it's so that you actually have proper feedback. If every moron installs it then there's no way to verify with them if the bugs they experience are the result of actual issues, or just the user being stupid.

When betas are run it is a two way street: the developers can communicate with the bug reporters and vice versa. In the case of this leak, anything "bugs" posted on public boards are of little use to the developers.
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