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Originally Posted by stranger View Post
do you all think blackberry has the power to keep up with these guys. With the mobile browser the way it is, media player and generic product line will blackberry be able to stay competitive?
I'm a wait and see person. So many "Blackberry killers" have come and gone over the years.

I think the flaw in your question is assuming that RIM isn't doing anything to develop updates and new products. The current generation of devices is definitely an improvement over the 87xx generation. I don't see why RIM would be resting on its laurels though.

Something that manufacturers and device geeks keep overlooking is that reliability is a necessity to "remain competitive" for those of us that truly rely on our devices. It's a bit different if your device is just a toy.

...and it's why I've stuck with BB over the years.

Originally Posted by stranger View Post
i have seen the kickstart which i think is a great device. as for the 9000 its just a updated curve nothing new or innovative. if there is something i have missed please let me know the patents they filed a while back is nothing we havent seen from HTC for years.
You know, people keep saying that "X is just a Y with Z" but that statement could be made regarding anything. I think anyone wondering about BB remaining competitive with devices like the iPhone out on the market misunderstands the niches in the market. It's faulty to even assume that a device needs to match the features of another device to remain competitive unless you're solely comparing spec sheets. With cars we refer to this as spec sheet racing and the problem is that you're only getting part of the story by comparing specs. Real world performance and usability matters most to a lot of people.

It's also a mistake, IMO, to attempt to fully assess an unreleased device based on photos. Can you really tell us that the Kickstart offers no improvements other than its form factor?

In any case, this sort of discussion pops up all the time. You'll find plenty of identical older threads. The only logical conclusion I can make is that RIM is intending to stay competitive. They're adding new features -- perhaps not at the pace that bleeding edge gadget geeks would prefer. I'm hoping, however, that this means that they understand that reliability is critical for a device like the BB.

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