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Shouldn't this topic be reversed? The competition vs. Blackberry?

Apple fanboys fail to see the reason Blackberry has such adoption rate is due to the BES that controls everything. Mobility is an extension of the enterprise and BES allows me (having to control 2,000+ devices) the means to ensure security and policy is extend and across the mobile space. ** nothing ** comes close to what the BES can provide and ease to control.

I have an Iphone, I'm in the 2.0 beta and it's basically Windows Mobile 5 functionality with a slicker interface. All the things it does well, don't matter to the enterprise. Do I care if users have a better internet / media experience? The issue here is the convergence of lifestyle and business on mobile devices. Just like when the internet took off you have a lot of policy and understanding to get to a place where that line can be crossed AND seen as productive. From a media standpoint the newer Blackberry devices can do EVERYTHING the iphone can and more. I can always turn off functionality that complaince / HR don't want users to have.

Now if you want to go device to device it's a draw for me .. iphone is nice at what it does but I need a real keypad as my response rate using solely the iphone dropped by 45%. (Yes I gave adequate time to adjust to the virtual key entry) The Internet on Blackberry with Opera is pretty much on par with Iphone. Battery life on the Blackberry is still a big plus. Multiple carriers is a big plus. Apple has a ways to go but for a 1st gen device have made fantastic advances in getting people "excited" about mobility. They know how to market and having built in millions upon millions of ipod users didn't hurt.

I'd like to see the itunes requirement dropped, I am not about to deploy itunes to X number of desktops and have to manage yet another piece for iphone to work. In the year 2008 mobility is all about over the air.
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