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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
I think the core issue with this "debate" is you are talking about two totally different markets .. corporate world and general populace.
I think there are a couple of flawed assumptions made above and this is one of them. The corporate and consumer worlds do have some overlap but honestly, a nice UI with great email formatting and web browsing isn't going to cut it for an enterprise-wide device replacement. We have to have management tools. Our users might love multimedia support but there's no business need for it.

Originally Posted by Alex Alexzander View Post
That being said, the Palm was once king, and Windows CE based devices overtook them. Made Palm look old and outdated.
I think this analogy is flawed as well. WM has had plenty of time to kill off BB IMO. I haven't honestly tracked info on the 9000 or future BB models so I can't really make any educated guesses as to where RIM is heading. They are in a tricky situation though of trying to appease their traditional user base while courting the mass consumer market at the same time. We'll see how well they pull through this.

Originally Posted by Alex Alexzander View Post
I still content that the iPhone will do the same to the BlackBerry. I understand the argument of great email and security, but I think too much is made of the security part. The company I work for uses simple POP3/SMTP for mail. And a great many companies I have worked for, large and small, allow POP3 access.
It's a bit difficult to have a meaningful discussion about larger trends when you base it on anecdotal evidence. In my experiences, none of my employers have ever allowed POP or IMAP access and don't even allow forwarding. Security definitely is a major issue.

Apple's innovations with the iPhone are great and they will make a difference in the consumer market. You can get by on looks and bells and whistles there (I mean, look at how well the RAZR did). However, there are a lot of practical matters that are important that Apple needs to address to make inroads into the corporate world. I don't even really know if that's even their intent or on the horizon for them.

In any case, we'll see. Apple's going to need to do more than just appeal to the high end consumer market to kill off RIM.

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