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Originally Posted by tmag2005 View Post
I dont want to start a flaming war here so chill...

Its due to all of the BB/ Phone sites, not just CB / BBF / TBG that we get a clearer picture of whats going on. Kevin has done no more wrong than any of the people posting and getting hold of pictures. Its free advertising for RIM, and most of whats in the review is just more detailed versions of what we get else where.

Surely its the people selling that might get the crush/letter and asked where they got it from?

I think its great to have such reviews.

You are the one that needs to relax a bit. Penguin and I were just joking (for anything else that didnt catch on to that.) Kevin has purchased a stolen device. That is a bit "more" wrong than downloading a leaked beta OS for instance. It is free advertising, but that is like saying stealing a camero advertises chevy...
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