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Originally Posted by Alpha752
My 7250 will be arriving tomorrow (w00t), and I have a question about the battery life. I understand that under normal conditions, it is excellent. At my work, part of the building (my office) has no cell phone signal. It is a concrete bunker 3 levels underground. They are working on improving signal strength, and some people are starting to get a signal, but my current LG phone wont. I am hoping the BB will improve that, but in case I have to sit in a signal less enviroment for several hours at a time, what will that do to battery life?

I know batters die faster wtih out a signal, but my LG phone has a powersave feature for this instance. Anything like that on the BB? Anyone know how my battery will be affected?

Thanks, and I cant wait until tomorrow.


Without a signal, your battery life is definitely going to suffer.
Since you know you don't have any signal, just turn off the radio on the BB. Then it won't constantly search for a signal, and still be usable as a PDA.
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