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I used to use the Nextel Exclusive pouch. It was the pouch I bought with my 7520. But it scratched my screen (didn't crack it, at least that's something), so I had to get something different. When I have some extra money for the deductible, I'm probably going to put in a claim with the insurance program, and have my 7520 replaced due to the scratched up screen. At the same time, I'll order some screen protectors to keep it from happening again.

The one I now use, which is the best one available for what I look for in a case, is THIS KIND. Genuine leather, a magnetic closure (because velcro can wear out), built-in magnet for "holster mode", a metal belt clip, wrapped in leather, then reinforced with metal on the tip (to keep the metal inside from poking through the leather -- I've had that happen on other cases), and the clip swivels, so you can set it at a comfortable angle.

Some of you might be wondering why I don't just use the OEM leather case. While the OEM leather case is decent, it annoys the heck out of me for 2 reasons:
  1. It has NO FLAP to keep the Blackberry securely in the pouch! During some situations, the Blackberry can (and WILL) come out! (I work in retail, so I sometimes bang the pouch into things. If the pouch had no flap and I banged it into something the wrong way, my Blackberry might get pushed out!)
  2. The belt clip is PLASTIC. It may be heavy duty plastic, but it's plastic all the same. It can break... rather easily, if you're hard on your cases.
That's why I chose the pouch I'm using now, made by Bytech:

Again, it has a flap that closes with a magnet, which won't wear out the way velcro does (unless you expose it to a demagnetizer, or a magnetic field strong enough to act as a demagnetizer). This helps keep your Blackberry from falling out, which can be a real problem with the OEM pouches, especially if you carry your Blackberry with the case turned sideways on your belt!

And whereas the OEM one has a plastic belt clip, which can eventually break, the case I use has a METAL belt clip, wrapped in leather. That makes for a much more durable clip. I've broken plastic clips, but I haven't yet broken a metal one!

Now, I admit, I'm a little biased. I HATE pouches that don't have a flap to hold the phone in the pouch. To me, taking off the flap kind of defeats the purpose of the pouch, which is to hold the phone SECURELY!

Anyway... IF you find yourself preferring a good leather pouch, like I do, I recommend going to Axxess Wireless and ordering the pouch pictured in this post. If you prefer a different style of case, then check out one of the other sources mentioned in this thread. Ultimately, just choose the case style that fits your wants and needs best. Best advice I can give you.

But whatever you do, avoid that Nextel pouch. S'funny... When I bought the thing, I asked the guys at the Nextel corporate store how it was, and they said something like "we won't sell you a case that'll mess up your phone!" Heh... shyeah, right!
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