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Originally Posted by jibi
in the case of the 7100, yes... the 7105 has been reported as being 1-3 weeks away from street day (adjusted for lapse of time). as for the 7290, i haven't heard of any replacements in the pipeline (maybe there is a 7295 or something planned, but i doubt it... heh) until next year with the release of the electron.

the changes i am alluding to are not necessarily related to the blackberry but their product (service) as a whole...

Isn't the 7290 new to T-Mobile??? I know the other carriers have had it a while but the 7290 was just released to the public from T-Mobile a few months ago in the Spring?

Am I smoking crack, cause if it is going away, the 7290, something big must be coming.(Crossing my fingers, but knowing its not)
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