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Originally Posted by falcon10 View Post
Its obvious that TMO USA does NOT allow the customer to disable ALL call forwarding so my phone will ring and ring and ring instead of forwarding to VM and incurring their bogus .99 charge.
I don't think this is correct. I seem to recall disabling call forwarding on my BB while traveling internationally. In any case, you can always call 611 and have voicemail disabled (IIRC that will do the trick) if they can't disable call forwarding for you.

99 cents is optimistic. Roaming rates will vary depending on the country and in some cases you'll actually get billed twice that rate -- once for the outbound call and once for the return call to your voicemail center back in the US.

Originally Posted by falcon10 View Post
It seems this is a well documented scam, fraud, or whatever you want to call it. Has there been any legal action brought against TMO for not disclosing this to their customers?
It's not a scam. It's how GSM works.

When I was with TMO they had always mentioned this to me when I discussed international travel with a CSR. IMO you would have a hard time proving that they are intentionally trying to avoid disclosing this to their customers or mislead anyone. I don't have links handy but I'm sure it's documented in their international roaming info as well. Reading and understanding the TOS is the responsibility of the customer.

Is it really worth the hassle of a class action suit to get a coupon for TMO service (consider that you've also increased their operating costs with the suit) while fattening up some lawyers?

In any case, this is true of all GSM carriers so it's not specific to TMO or unique or secret in any way.

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