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Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
Maybe you need to go back to the Treo? Sounds like you won't be happy with the BB.

Have you looked into BES or a hosted BES solution? That might provide what you are looking for.

If I remember correctly from my Treo days, the quickest I could get my email was 15 minutes. BIS is true push email, in that email is pushed to you about every 15 minutes, sometime faster. I don't have to go out and ask for it.

I find BIS to be very efficient and it works well for me. I do not see the need for instant, near real time email access.
BES. Yes the real reason why BIS is so lacking. Well BES is expensive and unless you work for a big company you're not going to be using it, so touting that as the cure all is ridiculous as well as your statement that he should go back to his Palm. If BB wants to compete in the smartphone arena, especially the consumer one, then its is going to have to be less reliant on their BES product and put a little bit more functionality on what most of their newest customers will be using.
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