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Default International sim in unlocked 8320 and can't send sms

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Hope someone has figured out the solution for this.

I took my unlocked 8320 to Thailand and used a prepaid AIS sim card in it. Phone calls were fine but sending sms messages was a problem. Receiving worked just fine and it even identified the sender if I put the number without the country code in the address book. But sending worked just 1 time.

Cell numbers in Thailand have one extra digit in them, an 8 in the front. So dialing a landline number would be 0x-xxx-xxxx and a cell would be 08x-xxx-xxxx.

I had some numbers in my phone book with +66-8x-xxx-xxxx. Without the leading zero works for international texting and calling. On my Motorola Razr, it seems to handle sms just fine with the +66 in front or not.

On the 8320, I only got sms to work with the format 8x-xxx-xxxx, and just once at that. Surprisingly that was before I had tried changing the smart dialing settings. The reply came back as 08x-xxx-xxxx with the zero in front. Replying to that did not work and sending again a bunch of times without the zero did not work and nothing with +66 in front worked. After that, I tried changing smart dialing to +66 and number length to either 9 or 10 digits and again no luck.

Number formats I tried were:


The error was something like "invalid protocol". After trying a bunch of different ways, I gave up, put the sim in my Razr and just used that.

I should note that AIS provides BB services there so the browser service books downloaded automatically. Of course no BB email, but I could use the web versions to check my emails. So that was a nice bonus. Having to use my Razr was disappointing since the browser is a lot worse and slower. I did carry the 8320 at times since open wifi is fairly easy to find.

Anyone know what settings should be changed?
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