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The BB should "semi" start with no battery when you plug it into your PC or a USB charger (that you know works). The LED will light red for a short moment then you will see a battery symbol with a red light through it on the screen.

And all USB chargers are not the same, the BB charger triggers pin 2 to allow the BB unit to switch on its internal charging circuit, that why some USB chargers don't work and others do. There is no issue regarding the 3.7V and using a 5V charger, your PC outputs 5V like most if not all USB chargers.

There is a way to reboot your BB from the PC if it is not recognised by your PC and I'm fairly sure it requires you to remove the battery to perform the reboot/reload.

I will look for a link and post it shortly.

The other thing you can try if not already mentioned is remove the SD card then try again, I've had mine got into a reboot cycle with a bad SD card.

Originally Posted by nobody7290 View Post
All usb chargers are the same. If you damaged the Device with the charger, its not your fault, but a problem with the charger. I would not use it until you find out what really happend.

- The BB does not run without a battery, regardless if the charger is connected or not. I would try to look inside the battery compartment if something is missing or broken.
- Try a known good, charged battery (but, I think you tried this already)
- It might help also a little to remove the battery and let the BB pause for about an hour.
- Remove any additional memory card
- Remove SIM card
- Try to check if all keys are working ok and not stuck.
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