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rivviepop -- This is a serious issue, and security is one of our strong
concerns as well. Blackberry support is a very recent development, and
we're still figuring out some of the details. However, I'd like to mention
that we do NOT store your screen name and password -- we just check them
with the IM login server to make sure that they're valid.

The reason we validate accounts through your IM screen name has to do with
how the company started. Originally, Dexrex was designed to archive
messages from the major IM networks. Our authentication process is still
tied to that model.

It's true that a phone number is also an id, but there's no password to
validate it with. If we allowed logging in with just a phone number, then
anyone who knows your number could access all your SMS logs as well. This
would obviously be a tremendous security lapse.

While most of our users want to combine their IM conversation history with
their SMS history, we understand that this isn't for everyone. We're in the
process of adding OpenID support for people who don't want to use their
screen names. Many people already have an OpenID and don't even know it.
You can find out if you have one from a service you already use (such as a
Yahoo ID) with the list at OpenID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If you're not comfortable linking an IM screen name with your phone number,
we expect to have OpenID up soon. We're also open to other suggestions for
authentication. If you have a different idea, please post a reply to this
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