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Default Turn on or turn off the Enterprise-Only Message Application icon in BES 4.1.5

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Turn on or turn off the Enterprise-Only Message Application icon in BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.5
Doc ID : KB15003
Last Modified : 2008-06-05
Document Type : How To

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* BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.1 Service Pack 5 (4.1.5)
* BlackBerry® Desktop Manager 4.2 and later
* BlackBerry® Device Software 4.1 and later


BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 Service Pack 5 (4.1.5) introduces a feature that allows the administrator to add an icon on the Home screen of each BlackBerry smartphone in a BlackBerry domain. This icon will allow BlackBerry smartphone users to list only messages which are received from their organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This feature sets a flag in the service book, which will turn on or turn off the icon. The name of the icon will be the same as the name of the service book, as specified in the Message service display name field on the Advanced tab of the Email Settings applet of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. The default setting for this feature is turned off. The following procedure indicates how it can be turned on and subsequently turned off.

Warning: Do not edit the files. Importing a modified file may cause problems on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

To turn the feature on or off, complete the following steps:

1. Unzip the file to a temporary folder on the local computer.
2. From a command prompt, change the current directory to the temporary folder from step 1.
3. Use the BBDBUpdate.exe command line tool with one of the following files:

* To turn on this feature, the input file will be EnableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql
* To turn off this feature, the input file will be DisableBESOnlyMessageApplication.sql

Note: The name of the file must be passed in using the -input parameter.

To find a list of command-line parameters for the BBDBUpdate.exe tool, run the tool from the command prompt with no parameters. Review the usage help screen to determine what parameters will be needed for your particular installation.

4. After running the BBDBUpdate.exe tool, review the screen output for any errors.

Once the database script is applied to the database, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server must send updated service book data to each BlackBerry smartphone. Once the service book data is received on the BlackBerry smartphone, the changes will be visible on the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone. If you are turning on this feature, a new message list application icon will appear, which will be labeled with message service display name as described earlier. If you are turning off this feature, the icon will disappear from the Home screen once the update is applied to the BlackBerry smartphone.
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