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Thank you, everyone.


Being in the I.T. business, an admin buddy had some spare CALs on his BES. He set me up for a over-the-air activation to his BES. I wiped my 8330 --again-- and aimed it his way. We all know the result, right.

This too failed. Just timed out like when pointed at mine. Also, his BES showed the activation status as "Never connected." This was, to me, absolute proof positive of a provisioning shortfall.

Back on the line with Bell Mobility.

Nice level-1 tech guy, regrettably informs me there's a supervisors note on the file: NO FURTHER ASSISTANCE TO BE PROVIDED.

<deep breaths>

I offer the new evidence. L1 just doesn't get the meaning of it, but does relay it to the supervisor. After a few minutes comes back on the line w/the supervisor. Verdict: Please stop calling us. *I'm* wasting *their* time.


I called RIM, not Bell, support and bought a paid incident support ticket.

About 3 minutes for credit card in take processing. About 3 minutes to give them my problem description to the in take agent. About 2 min in queue waiting for a RIM Engineer. About 3 min to re-cap my problem with the RIM Engineer. About 30 seconds for him to query the network and see ... drum roll ... that IT'S A CARRIER PROVISIONING ERROR!

RIM Engineer raises a conference call with BELL MOBILITY DATA SUPPORT, which curiously is the SAME number and access that I've been using. No RM-BELL red BAT phone.


RIM Engineer identifies himself to the Bell tech rep and says he has a subscriber with a BES provisioning difficulty. (which was exactly what I said in my first and every subsequent callin).

I voice out the my account details and magic passwords. And without the RIM engineer saying anything more, the L1 Bell tech, looks at the account and in like 15 seconds says, "yep, provisioned as "ConsumerPro" only and for BES you need "ConsumerPro" AND "Enterprise" provisioning.

This from a very polite and fast Bell level-1 only tech, but otherwise after 4 days and nine previous callins lasting hours and going backwards!

She puts us on hold to call her help desk for the re-provisioning and, while we're waiting, my RED Xs just start disappearing.

Success, at last!

I asked the Bell tech, why it was sooo easy and quick for her and mission impossible for the others. This is the point where she actually read the file notes and said, "oh, my." And, of course, politically, she can't safely answer that question.


She, Bell, drops off the line. I'm doing the wrap-up with the RIM Engineer and he, RIM, waived the paid support incident fee because --after all-- it was a carrier-provisioning error and not a customer error.

So, in less then 20 minutes with RIM involved, I was up and running. Without them, it had been a work week of outage and hours and hours of in queue time, and a dozen device wipes and -- yes -- out of desperation, I even built a fresh BES EXPRESS instance in a VMWARE instance. After all this, I was and would still be down and -- more importantly -- officially unsupported by my carrier.

Falsehoods (aka: crap) I was told.
  • Because when you enterprise activate (in this case via USB), under options > security > firewall, the firewall is ENABLED (with the red dot meaning user can't override). Though enabled, the sub-settings are un-filtered. So your enabled but blocking nothing. BELL insisted this is the cause of BES not working -- the BB own firewall. (FALSE)
  • The 8330 is too new a device and not compatible with BES. (FALSE)
  • BES EXPRESS is beta software and unsupported. (FALSE)
  • BES EXPRESS is trial-ware (FALSE) and not a real BES (does RIM know this); and this trial status is why it had been working for so long and then just suddenly stopped working -- it expired. (FALSE)
  • The RED X is *ALWAYS* (Bell's emphasis) a user-created issue. (certainly FALSE as ASSERTED)
  • My BES is broadband (5MB/1MB) connected to the internet and BES only works with T1 or faster connectivity. (FALSE)
  • If we, Bell, can BB-PIN the device, you're provisioned correctly. (FALSE)
  • If BIS email is working, you're provisioned for BES (FALSE).
  • Must have a BELL <purchased> CALs to work with BELL 8330. (FALSE)

Not only are the foregoing falsehoods in and of themselves, but each one statement invalidates (or is incongruent with) the others... e.g. Yes, if I had a T1, then a NOT-A-BELL-CAL with a TOO-NEW-8330 on TRIAL-WARE would otherwise be just fine.

Mother of ... who trains these people???


I've been in this business 20 years and this isn't the first loop and won't be the last. It's just this one was sooo utterly simple and straight-forward and about as horrid an experience as could be, compounded by outright supervisor-approved abandonment. And I pay money for this.


Thanks again everyone who posted help!!!

Thanks for indulging my rant.

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