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Default Re: Be careful - temporarily lost apps with OS install defau

Originally Posted by jbeers
downloaded both install files. Desktop mgr is, not .14! Before upgrade, I was on V. (platform kernel v. After upgrade, on V. (platform Kernel v

So how did I get my browser, phone , and other application icons back? I just went back into desktop manager, rechecked them, and reinstalled them. Whew, what a heart attack! Not cool to find out that without the phone icon, you cant make calls! :o

By the way, this new os fixed a bug where the phone's incoming caller ID was in tiny font. Yeah. :D
Just upgraded both the desktop software and the O/S and noticed the same version inconsistency as jbeers. I don't think my desktop software/manager was actually upgraded b/c the version number was still xxx.10. Anyways, everything worked without a hitch but I haven't had time to test if the bugs in the previous version were fixed.

Jbeers, thanks for the tip on making sure I had browser, phone, etc. checked when upgrading to the new O/S.

bollar, FWIW, I didn't have to delete the vendor.xml file. Instead, after downloading xxx.142, I just double-clicked the executable (before connecting my handheld to the pc). After that installed, when I connected my handheld, it automatically asked me to upgrade the O/S and everything went smoothly.