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Originally Posted by Stern View Post
Do you actually understand what provisioning actually means when referring the Blackberry services? The billing provisioning is all down to the network so they control the Blackberry APN and how this translates to charges on your bill. But this isn't the root cause of the problem and isn't what I'm talking about. The actual technology that controls whether BIS or BES traffic is allowed on a BIS device via the RIM Infrastructure is all down to RIM systems. Each and every PIN has services assigned to it. It's up to carriers to make sure the device is provisioned correctly on the RIM infrastructure

I wasn't insinuating that this needed to be resolved by RIM. RIM will never change the provisioning of any Blackberry directly. However whenever a carrier anywhere in the world needs to change which service the Blackberry needs to be used on the provisioning change command is executed on the RIM Infrastructure (or the RIM relay as it used to be known). The error this OP is getting "service blocked" is generated by the RIM Infrastructure, This is why when the OP contacted RIM they were able to see the provisioning of the device because they have access to their own infrastructure (you noticing a theme here yet)

It works when connected directly through the bes or desktop manager because the bes uses least cost routing and cuts out the network. it's not bell systems that were blocking the traffic it was RIM systems. Bell do need to change it but it doesn't always mean that it's a tarriff problem or data plan problem. Sounds like in this case they simply changed the provisioning like I said they would need to further up the thread.

I have pre-provisioned and re-provisioned thousands of Blackberrys as part of my Job for Vodafone I have direct access to the provisioning systems at RIM. And I have quite an in-depth understand of how this process works. You might want to make sure your own statement is accurate before shooting.someone.down
I believe gibson used to do server support at RIM as per his previous posts. I understand where you are coming from, but for the people who have had access to RIM's provisioning, I am not sure where you are going with this post. He was correct in his assertion.

And as for BELL, it was their technicians/support staff that ended up blocking this user's access to BES. they changed the option to "ConsumerPRO" instead of Enterprise and Consumer/Prosumer services. Yes, it is RIMs systems that they are modifying, but it is the carrier that is in control of setting up enterprise, not RIM's support staff, hence Bell being completely responsible.

Also, it isn't a least cost routing. It is a "still handled by desktop" flag that is often referred to as serial bypass when the BES forwards messages internally to a cradled device on port 4101.
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