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Sorry if most post offended you. When I read your post it seemed that you were putting the issue on RIM. While the back end of provisioning maybe RIM, it is the carrier that decides what services to give the device. It's just like you said:

it's Bell's problem to sort out, always has been and always will be
That's what I, and everyone else here, was getting at. I think that we all took it that you may have been putting this on RIM. That's why I said that your statement was incorrect as it is not an issue for RIM to correct.

It was interesting to hear from the carrier side about Provisioning. Also, when most of us hear talk about provisioning we mean the data services enabled/disabled by the carrier, and not the billing side of things.

I do not know how every aspect of provisioning works, I had access to a view only system and I had to contact the carrier for any changes. I have dealt with Service Blocked often enough to know that it's carrier data plan issue.

It really sucks that 8f27e956 had to endure so much crap for a 2 minute fix. I can't believe that a carrier would deny a customer support because they are too dumb to see the real issue.

It's strange to me because in my experience with RIM the Canadian and European carriers have the fewest calls to RIM for device support. I once had to call Verizon because a BB could not send a PIN message. The rep was very confused about what a PIN message is and then told me it wasn't supported. WTF???? I said they did so she transferred me to their billing department. After I explained it's not a billing issue I got transferred back their data support and the rep I got fixed it in 30 seconds.

Sometimes it just depends on who you get. Some people know what they are doing and some just don't and don't care. It's terrible.

Sorry, kind of rambled on there. Anyways, again, didn't mean to rain on your parade. I just want to help people resolve their issues ASAP and provide as much correct info as possible. I even offered to get a friend to check his PIN on RIM's end to prove that it is carrier issue so he wouldn't have to pay for a RIM call or fight to get transferred.

But it worked out in the end for him.
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