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Originally Posted by MBW View Post
This is not a good versus evil decision - it's more about you than about the phone.

If the center of your life involves messages and applications and more work than play, and if you do a lot of typing on a handset, wait for Bold.

If the center of your life involves entertainment and games and music and videos and you generally don't type much on the handset, go with the new iPhone next month; that's especially true if you (like my wife) plan on spending that government stimulus check to buy an iPod.

As to the timing - I have no certain information about this - but I believe it's likely that Apple twisted AT&T's arm to get 90 days in the 3G clear before the Bold would be approved to compete.
I like the tone of your post but you miss the fact that the keyboard is entirely based on personal preference, same as everything else. It is indeed about the user and not the phone, buy and use what you want. Especially now that they both do very similar things.
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