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Thanks for clarifying, I can understand how my post may have seemed I was RIM bashing,

The reason I was highlighting the issue of RIM Provisioning systems is because some networks have weird and wonderful different ways of matching up customers data provisioning at network level with the provisioning systems at RIM.

Some treat them as two seperate actions so they add or change the data service/APN they then go off and check the provisioning is as it should be. Problem being this is manual and is open to human error.

Some have a system which connects to RIM provisioning and does the change automatically, I can only imagine they develop this process in house. The problem is, if the provisioning request doesn't go through properly or errors then the monkey in support at the network will see that the data is provisioned fine but has no idea that the PIN has got the wrong service code attached to it on the RIM Infrastructure.

In that situation you need to make sure you speak to someone with a bit of experience and has access to the provisioning system. I was trying to highlight the issue of changing the provisioning on the RIM system as a way of getting straight to the solution without the adding/removing, hard resets, wiping, activating that support will make you go through before fobbing you off.

incidently Vodafone don't have any automatic link, devices are supplied as BIS or BES or Dual provisioned units, they then change them as and when which is done primarily by theirBlackberry support people who have access to the provisioning system and are usually well versed on how to use it.

Another interesting point is that from what I have seen it really doesn't matter which data service you're paying for. the APN is just an APN that allows the data through to the correct gateway ( There is no way of the carriers equipment of knowing which service the traffic belongs to ( I can only assume this is due to encryption) if the data service was capable of allowing certain types of traffic depending on what they are paying for then there would be no point in provisioning at NOC level. The option of changing the service a Blackberry can use is only there because the networks don't have a way of doing it at carrier level. (please note this is from what I have seen in the UK, don't know if the guys in canada have a different set up)

This is why I pay peanuts for a BIS APN and use both BIS and BES without any problems. (Actually I don't pay anything but you get the idea)

Anyway sorry if I got a bit animated, But it just winds me up when people assume that RIM just make handsets and the networks do everything else. Most of the time the carriers just provide a means of connecting to the Blackberry system,

PS - I also offered my services to check the PIN as I also have a read only account that seems to be able to view most PINS
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