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Originally Posted by 8f27e956 View Post
Expanding beyond the narrow "provisioning" term, maybe to help illustrate the who and the whom.

The BES, in my case, is talking to, which is rim, not carrier, infrastructure. It was this infrastructure that was NOT seeing any traffic from my carrier.

In the ISO standard seven-layer Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) reference model, OSI Model: Definition and additional resources from ZDNet, the carrier and the device's chipset performs layers 1 through 3, RIM infrastructure performs layers 3 and 4, and the end points (BES and the DEVICE applets) perform layers 6 and 7.

I once had (but cannot re-find to include here) a link that showed this as well as positioning GSM and CDMA in the model.

Thanks for the link I didn't realise it was standardised to that level. One thing I will say though is the RIM infrastructure has it's own layers much like the components on the bes. If the provisioning component blocks the traffic from the handset then the BES won't see any traffic at all from the SRP server as it sits after the provisioning system in the chain and as a result the traffic doesn't get passed to the big dispatcher in the sky
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