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Originally Posted by jskolm85 View Post
It shuts down the BB and restarts it. So I believe it's the same as a battery pull.
actually, no.

there are three different "reboots" for the blackberry.

1. hold the end call button. normal power down cycle. no reset occurs, phone reboots into previous configuration when powered back on.
2. alt + rt caps + del. soft reset. resets top level applications.
3. battery pull with power on, reinsert after 30 seconds. hard reset. resets all applications, including core applets.

to secure the Java OS, access to the core applets is restricted while the device is in use. when you change certain settings, the core applets themselves havent been changed "on the fly", thus requiring the applets to be shut down before the new settings can be applied... this is where the hard reset/battery pull comes into play. it enhances the stability of the OS.

likening it to MS Windows in the same order as above...
1 = putting the computer into sleep mode
2 = installing new software and is usually usable immediately after installation
3 = installing drivers and having to reboot to utilize the new drivers

it's a crappy analogy, but the best i can do putting it to something more familiar.
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