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Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
+1 to this post ^^
At least someone gets it.
LOL yup. Like I have said before. iPhone 3G makes a far superior entertainment and web device than the Bold can/will be. BlackBerry makes a far superior messaging and email device than iPhone.

As an entertainment device:
iPhones use of its multitouch interface, browser UI, and rendering make it far superior as a web surfing platform. iPhone is comfortable to surf on for hours because page navigation is highly intuitive, fluid, comfortable, and natural. On BB, I really don't care how good it renders. The tiny screen and tiny trackball is not ideal for extended entertainment surfing. It also has support for 3D games and other entertainment not possible yet on BlackBerry because its Java based OS its not geared for that kind of software. BB games are currently crap 2D, and will be with the Bold because of its OS constraints. Based on what we have seen in the SDK release conference and other videos of games running on iPhone, it is capable of portable console style graphics.

As a messaging and email device:
BlackBerry does email and messaging right. BIS can properly and easily support multiple email accounts, and does push very well. Tons of instant messaging software round out the BlackBerry package. On a BlackBerry, it is possible to type long emails, or message for an extended amount of time because of the physical keyboard. While you can type rapidly on the iPhone keyboard (I can do 49+ wpm), its hard to keep that up for an extended amount of time like you can on a physical keyboard. Physical keyboard feel much more natural. iPhone can do email, but is not push, and forces you to use a virtual keyboard. It is very hard to type a very long message with it.

Most people who end up lumping iPhone and BB together as competing devices are usually people with one sided experience or are extremely biased. They are made for COMPLETELY different markets. Some people, like me, will own both because we love the best of both worlds.

Thats my story and I'm sticking with it!
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