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Originally Posted by juwaack68 View Post
Wirelessly posted (My blond BlackBerry)

Curve, Curve, Curve. Unless you need the device to work overseas...
Totally agree. The 8830 is a solid phone for the most part, mine broke 6 times but that's besides the point. If you don't plan on doing serious over seas travel, I'll bet you will enjoy the Curves keyboard better.

The 8830 is slightly wider than the 8330 which I didn't like either. I perfer the slightly thicker body instead.

The 8330 can send/recieve pix/flix, view youtube and stream XM radio with Orb and Uxm or Usirius.

The 8830 can't do any of those things. If you're looking for more of a personal phone I'd do the Curve.

The keyboard on the Curve is also beautifully spaced. I had trouble typing quickly on the 8830 due to the slippery no spaced keys. You get yourself into doing a lot of verticle pressing, you cant get sloppy while typing on the 8830.

Hope that helps...and if you couldn't tell...Curve for me!
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