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Default Caution!!!

It worked. Thanks ckwkim.

According to Rim newer version of handheld software (8320M_PBr4.2.2_rel338_PL2.5.0.40_A4.2.2.184_RIM) doesn't have language option under application loader. So I'll have to keep my old one (T-Mobile_BlackBerry_8320_v4.2.2.180 to use Korean fonts. I tried newest one with newest Desktop Manager software but the newest ones doesn't have language choice option. Too bad for us, multi language users.

So my advices is "just copy these files into the old software and do not upgrade it."

I'm able to read in Korean, and, now, I just want to know how to type in Korean. Which key do I have to press to change from English to Korean? Is there a "Alt" key just like a computer keyboard? Does anyone know?

Originally Posted by ckwkim View Post
I have downloaded Chinese version of the Blackberry 8820 software from the following site.

There's the CJK.alx files in the directory "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8820-v4.2.2.184_P2.5.0.40", which has Chinese, Japanes and Korean settings.

1. Since I don't need Chinese or Japanese, I've created the new korean.alx file and the content looks like the following.

<loader version="1.0">
<!-- Language and input support -->
<application id="net.rim.blackberry.lang.ko.rendering">
<name>BlackBerry Korean Characters and Font Support</name>
<description>Korean Characters and Font Support for BlackBerry handhelds.</description>
<vendor>Research In Motion</vendor>
<copyright>Copyright 1998-2007 Research In Motion</copyright>
<fileset Java="1.0">

2. Copy the new Korean.alx to (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8830-v4.2.2.176_P3.0.0.79) on your hard drive.

3. Copy net_rim_font_korean.cod, net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_EUC_KR.cod and net_rim_tid_dynamic_transcoding_data_x_Johab.cod to (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8830-v4.2.2.176_P3.0.0.79\Java) on your hard drive
4. Connect your Blackberry 8830 or Curve to your computer.
5. Run App Loader
7. Click on Korean Characters and Font Suppot in the list of programs
8. Click on Next
9. Click on Finished
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