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Default So these are specs?

aspersion \uh-SPUR-zhuhn; -shuhn\, noun:
1. A damaging or derogatory remark; slander.
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i kinda like door number 3.

$1000- we are impressed with your offer and your ability to articulate your "purview"
(I made up that word) Just kidding...

So these are specs?

BES/Blackberry email service
Blackberry Web Client
RIM Operating system - its going to have an O/S too?
Email Reconciliation
PIM Sync
Wireless Calendar
Attachment Viewing
Folder Management
Xpress Messaging
Removable battery
Color Screen
Text Messaging
Qwerty Keyboard
Backlit Screen
Backlit Keys
Track Wheel
Speaker Phone
Web Access
WAP Browser
HTML Browser
Color Browser

Again, at the risk of being aspertive (made that one up too)....
Whats the big deal?

My point was and is..this is the type of bb functionalities that should be at our fingertips and that we should be provided regardless of service provider.
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