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Default Atomichelix PGP for BlackBerry (Open Beta)

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Atomichelix PGP for BlackBerry

We are proud to announce that we're releasing "Atomichelix PGP for BlackBerry" to the public in beta format. We feel that it's been thoroughly tested (OS 4.1 through 4.3 on seven different 8xxx devices on four different networks, both with and without data plans) that we are confident (almost) everyone will be able to run it without many issues (we can't possibly test every combination, thus the open beta before we go live).

We are hoping to go live with it in two to four weeks, barring anything drastic. Currently, the beta is complete except for two things: the translations (that are currently being sent to people to complete) and turning the transactions live. Since the transactions are not currently live, you may use a test credit card number (such as a Visa number of 4111-1111-1111-1111) to complete a transaction through the "License Management" screens. Once we go live, we will be wiping the license database, so please feel free to do whatever with the application.

For those that do not know, PGP is a standard way of encrypting emails. By it's very nature, sending emails is insecure -- even from a BlackBerry. BlackBerry devices encrypt their communication with the BES/BIS, but once that is done, the messages are in plaintext format and sent (either on the internal or external network) from the BES/BIS. We have created a PGP program for BlackBerry devices that we feel is easy to use and transparent to everyday use.

Just a couple of notes:

1) The application itself is fairly large (about 1.4Mb) so we suggest to those not on unlimited data plans that you download the ZIP file and install it via the Desktop Manager.

2) We'd like everyone that has technical comments/suggestions/issues with the program to post here, mentioning your OS version and device model number. We haven't yet tested it on OS 4.5, for example, so we'd like to collect any issues about the software and see if it's an OS problem or an application problem.

3) There are a few problems that we are aware of that are in the OS that we either can't fix and have workarounds or we have decided (currently) to live with. An example of each is that when you 'Send Public Key' to someone and the email pops up, the first 'To:' in the email composition is blank and dead -- you can't edit it. This is an OS issue. The example of something we have decided to live with currently is the main screen you can only scroll up and down (not side-to-side) as we are supporting OS 4.1 (which doesn't have a trackball). We may eventually release different OS builds, but not currently.

We really hope that this is useful and hope you give it a try. We have worked for months to get this software together and can only hope you all find it as useful as we do for protecting privacy.

The demo mode in the software is a fully functional, time-constrained version with all the functionality of the full version, with the sole exception of not being able to import private keys (though, in demo license mode, they are able to be generated).

Again, please post any issues here as this is the only place we're going to advertise the open beta.

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