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Default time will tell .. but some fixes needed

I'm actually tired of all these articles when the majority are slanted about consumer adoption and not any hard logic around what enterprise uses and needs regarding mobility.

Users need to accept that work decices what devices they will support and deploy and realize their personal preference is for home use. If you don't think that is acurate how many of you are able to bring your own laptop into work and plug it in? (I'm talking 5,000 user+ environments)

No doubt as a technology advance, the iphone does some slick stuff. The MUI and web browsing are some of the slickest stuff I've seen and I see *alot* of devices.

Having to manage upwards to 3,000 mobile users and growing every quarter Apple is very lacking in many areas:

- Management of said device - dump the Itunes requirement and give me the ability to lock down options we don't want on. OTA activation would be helpful too.

- Reporting of device - we have for the past year been agressively auditing usage of mobile devices and have saved a large sum of money finding users who have not used for 15,30,60+ days. Mobility costs money.

- PBX voice intergration - single number dialing, one voice mail box is pretty slick once you've used it and voice is still a powerful communication point.

- Intranet accessiblity. Yeah Cisco support is nice for VPN (if you use it). BES via MDS makes extending your internal websites and applications much easier.

Apple needs a BES like appliance to compare, for now they are basically a better device then Windows Mobile but crippled with the spotty performance of ActiveSync "push". Maybe they should go buy Good off motorola as they are doing nothing with it.

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