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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
- Management of said device - dump the Itunes requirement and give me the ability to lock down options we don't want on. OTA activation would be helpful too.
They will be releasing a configuration utility that will allow you to manage some device-side policies. The configuration profile can be sent via email and installed by the end-user or support technician. Some EAS domain policies can be forced (password and timeout, for example).

Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
- Reporting of device - we have for the past year been agressively auditing usage of mobile devices and have saved a large sum of money finding users who have not used for 15,30,60+ days. Mobility costs money.
While it's not much, with Exchange 2003, I've been using a modified VBS script from Glen Scales. With Exchange 2007, this is a powershell command. This provides a list of any and all users with previously registered EAS users, although there is not much information (it has allowed me to audit our EAS deployment and remove orphan device associations and give me a basis by which I could disable users for EAS who had switched back to BB ...this was a LOT of users).

Glen's Exchange Dev Blog: Enumerating the devices registered via ActiveSync on all mailboxes on a server via a script

Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
- Intranet accessiblity. Yeah Cisco support is nice for VPN (if you use it). BES via MDS makes extending your internal websites and applications much easier.
I consider us lucky. Until RIM comes out with something better, the Safari browser is far and away miles better than the BlackBerry Browser (for the purposes you mention). Throw in RSA or some other multi-tier authentication mechanism and you have a fairly secure solution with the Cisco IPSec client...

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