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Originally Posted by jibi View Post
Their intentions for VZ Navigator are good-hearted. They want to provide a secure GPS system on a wireless device that will not give someone other than yourself your coordinates on request. With that said, they are supposedly in discussions with companies such as Google and TeleNav to offer a product that will utilize the Google or TeleNav interface and maps but securely through the VZ Navigator transport. the end, they should offer customers both the free, built-in GPS functionality and a pay-for service offering for the security and paranoid customers that would be weary otherwise.

Verizon's main issue wasn't that they didn't specify the devices were released with the GPS functionality disabled. They simply didn't mention publically why they disabled the standard functionality and it was long-since rumored on the internet for other purposes. I believe it was more about money, but if they tell the story about 'security concerns' then perhaps others would be more interested in that approach and agree with it (and pay for the premium GPS service).

Needless to say, I wish someone would hack the VZ Navigator transport and just make a mockery out of their security.
This is hogwash pure and simple. A GPS is a receiver, not a transmitter. There is absolutely no merit to the idea that somehow, just maybe, if you are using a GPS your smartphone may suddenly start broadcasted GPS related information about you in a manner that other cell-phone users or internet users could receive, interpret, and use. Thats ridiculous. Thats like saying maybe, just maybe, the FM receiver in my car that I listen to the radio with, might suddenly start broadcasting on a frequency that someone else with some specialized hardware might pick up, and not only pick up but be able to interpret as usable data representing my location on the road. Completely ridiculous.

Yea sure, VZW is protecting me from myself, from having a virus on my unhackable blackberry that is specifically designed to tell the hacker in China what street im driving around in Texas. Oh please let me pay $10/month to VZW to make sure that never happens.

I hope someone writes a virus specifically for the VZNavigator software to do just this, to show what a charade this whole nonsense is.

Originally Posted by wabbit View Post
Wirelessly posted

I bashed them for vz tactics. I have both vz / att. Their are things that bother me paying full market price for sub products. Also even though its on their network its your device. That bothers me they can mod devices into what they want. I would understand if I rent the phone its their phone they can do what they wish. Not something you buy. I still think this is a bs vz will cont doing what they want.
EXACTLY. I could understand if i was LEASING the phone, but im not. I BOUGHT IT. I OWN IT. IT'S MINE. How dare they say what I can and cant do with something i purchased. Thats like the Nissan dealership saying I cant install satellite radio in the car that I bought for $30,000. B/c they have a deal with XM and only want me using XM radio in my.

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