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OK, some people seem to be taking this personal, perhaps can't handle the truth? Which is that a 5+ yrs old device is leaps and bounds better at syncing through USB than today's blackberry. "tuanle" you are right, it is RIDICULOUS that the BB has to take that long to sync. And actually "Dawg", I timed it today, it takes a minute and 20 seconds, which is a complete joke. Does it take you that long to take a leak? So "Dawg", I do have realistic expectations, which is for technology to keep moving forward, rather than backwards, i.e. for today's blackberry to sync faster, not WAY slower than a device over 5 yrs old.

So now that we got that out of the way, and you guys criticizing me can stop your denial and admit that this IS a problem with the BB, can someone please tell me how one goes about getting BES? and if a personal user like myself can get it (i.e. outside of a company) then how much does it cost? does it work with MS Outlook? thanks.
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