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Sorry all for beating a dead horse here, I realize this topic was a bit old to be reviving. It wasnt until recently that I became aware of this issue, and that our company would be switching to verizon, and would lose all functionality out of the fantastic GPS integrated into our curve's that we have been freely enjoying thus far. Just really stings to see google maps, amaze, and vundoo just go out the window by some monopolistic attempt to extort users into paying even more money. I also became incensed to see people actually defending verizon's stance here, even making excuses for them such as one of my last detractors responses (that somehow VZ is recovering costs of on their data plans by charging me to use the GPS? I easily use more data in a day just doing general web surfing with an unlimited data plan that I do streaming maps, there is no relation here).

Anyway I'm done with the topic. I will buy a bluetooth GPS puck and ripoff verizon by consuming cellular bandwidth through streaming maps on my data plan. Oh wait, I'm already paying for that, it's called an UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. Hope I get some use out of it before they block Bluetooth functionality to protect me from someone hacking into the bluetooth interface of my phone (something FAR more likely to occur than my GPS being hacked).
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