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Today was a very upsetting day for me, cell phone number 4 in 6 months!!! Same phone same problem. I upgraded to a Blackberry after having a Razr for a year...The rave about the SmartPhone!! Let me tell you, I have had nothing but problems with the 8320. The memory sucks!! I am a Private Investigator and it has hurt my business!! Loss of emails, text messages, loss of missed calls and so on! No warning no nothing just blank!! I have never seen anything like it! I am with Alltel and at first the salesman was shocked, he had never seen this problem and told me it was a defect in the phone, got me another one...a month later went back same thing he ordered me anew phone...about a month goes by and same thing!!!! I was out of town and was in Alabama with my husband, luckily they had an alltel store, Kim, the salesperson went on line and discovered it was due to lack of memory, so she sold me a memory I am just 2 months into it and the damn thing goes out again!!!!!!!!!! I went to Alltel in a rage, the kid was doing his job trying to convince me it was a simple fix....yea right!!he told me that it was a technical problem that blackberry was working on and gave me a 1800# to call when I got home, he also told me to delete some of my software and unused programs...OH that of which came with the phone.
How in the world are u going to sell an expensive phone and the average person cant ever use it??? Oh by the way, the salesman said his roommate had the same phone and after 3 days had too much memory in his phone!!
This is not a way to run a business! Blackberry shame on you!!!
Well here I sit with a phone that will not store anything, will not keep track of a phone log, erases my messages and I have to pay not only high dollar price for this high tech phone but also have to pay a phone bill and after my husband made a huge deal out of this huge inconvenience we now await for Alltel to send me a new phone overnight!!!!
Lets see what happens next!!

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