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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
safetyzone, these are problems with your BB that you need to deal with, yourself. Or yes, you will keep exchanging BBs every month.

Everything in life needs the proper maintenance. Your car needs gas, but it also needs oil changes and tire rotations now and then. Or with little warning, the car WILL quit working. I know the analogy is slightly lacking, but the low memory issue is really something you can control, so then you won't be so angry, and you won't feel cheated.

It's a great device and you need to maintain it.

What happens next is, you will have memory loss and lose your emails and all again, unless you deal with it. I can promise that.
to add to this,

the device is designed to receive and send email. not store it. sounds like you left it on the default setting of "30 days" to store your emails and when that 30th day hits, it dumps the old emails.

it's designed to do that to preserve memory. once you've read and/or replied to an email, you discard it unless you specifically tag it to be saved. and if you tag every one of your emails to be saved, you'll soon run low on memory, causing a dump to happen anyways.

it's designed so that you store your emails in your primary inbox on your COMPUTER for archiving. this is why it connects to a server... a server that stores your messages, with the device being the equivalent of a network terminal.

the device is working exactly how its settings dictate it function. the user, on the other hand, didnt bother to read the user guide.
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