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Originally Posted by corey@12mile
I think it's funny that people are starting to agree with me. I just state the facts and don't put up with BS. It doesn't hurt that I will argue with just about anyone either. I will beat people into the truth if they provide false information. Some people are trying to show off, some people are just uneducated, and some people are just wrong. I will right the wrong and continue in my childish ways.
***This post was a mistake***
***I misunderstood the quoted post(see post below)***
***Apologizes go out to corey@12mile***

Corey why do you say this type of stuff!!!! Be carefull you don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.

Again this is the rumors section. I have personally talked to a T-Mobil rep that said there is a new BB in the pipeline. He had no specifics that he could mention, but said look for it in Q4. I then went to the T-MO site and reported what I saw. I made no mention of the 8700 coming to T-Mo what so ever. So you tell me than, am I wrong to report the rumor of a new BB and my own observation(s) in the appropiate section of this forum? The rumors section.
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