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johnelaw 10-06-2004 11:05 AM

New 7510, now what "news" content?
I'm working on the nuances of my 7510, and am now looking for breaking news to be delivered. I have CNN Morning News delivered now as a sort of wake-up heads up, and use their breaking news as well.

I also have Sky & Telescope's weekly sky news delivered, and am pondering the subscription alerts for ISS passes, auroa alerts, etc.

What "news" information do you use that you couldn't live without?

Gothalyptic 10-06-2004 11:13 AM

lol SKy & Telescope. I thought I was the only in the world that used it ;) I get the ISS passes, mainly because as a HAM radio op, I know when it's coming around to get some satalite work in. Uplink and downlink information is important to me, I get a few alerts for some of the other satalites as well. Aurora alerts here as well, the same for meteor showers and various other space news. Basically if it can impact the way I use my radio's I have it.

The normal after that for weather, mainly frontal movements, as well as sunspot information. Normal news alerts, usually from CNN just as yourself, and as well from my local news station that has email alerts.

I also subscribe to so I get a bunch of breaking wireless news as to what's what and what's coming up in the world of wireless, which is also important, especially being a cellular consultant ;).

Then my stocks get emailed to me 4 times a day (really should get a streamer).

hmm I think that's about it. I usually get mroe news emails then I do from my clients lol.

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