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crucifixion 01-15-2008 01:57 PM

BB Alerts problem
OK, having an annoying BB Alerts problem.

Problem may not be BB Alerts fault, maybe a setting got changed on my phone.

OK, so I use BB Alerts and the different colors for different things. I have Blue for SMS, Green for Email, etc.

Something happened to where my personal email is not coming in 'green'.

My SMS come in Blue and my blackberry email account comes in Green, but not my personal (AOL) email- it used to come in green before with no problems.

I thought the problem was with the AOL account, so I went to and deleted the AOL email from there, then re-set it up but that didnt work.

Thought the problem was with the Desktop program, so deleted that and reinstalled, that didn't work.

So lastly, thought the problem HAD to be with BB Alerts, so I deleted and reinstalled and customized the settings again to Blue for SMS, Green for Email, etc.

Still get SMS coming in at Blue, still get blackberry email at Green, but when personal AOL email comes in, no color, just that intermintent default flashing red.

I'm thinking somewhere in the phone its not recognizing my AOL as email? But that doesnt make sense since I am getting my AOL email to the phone. The problem is somewhere from when BB Alerts sees the AOL email coming in but for whatever reason chooses to not flash green.

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