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Major2008 01-28-2008 10:54 AM

OTA Installation server setup 2008 [non BIS]
Hi guys,

I am rolling out a service that delivers the mobile client OTA via an sms URL link. Working great for all other devices but with Blackberry it's causing problems.

It is a typical web server setup with all MIME types configured correctly. The server delivers JAD/JAR for J2me, SIS for symbian, CAB for windows and trying to deliver the blackberry client as JAD/COD combo.

The COD is BB certified and installs and runs great when from the desktop. It is 180kb in size.

The client is designed for BB 8700, 8800, 8100 etc. with OS > 4.0

We tried to break the cod up into in separate COD elements - it downloads and installs but this breaks the certification and we are using protected APIs.

I have tried on simple server through link to JAD [all mime types set correctly] and throws errors: 907 invalid COD: HTTP Error 500: internal Server Error

Other error when testing on different server:907 Invalid COD: HTTP Error 404: Not found.

I have read conflicting or dated guides about settings this up /file sizes etc. - but REALLY need some pro assistance to move pass this without spending too much time. While i like BB - it really has been the most problematic platform to work with sadly.

This is not a BIS solution and is running on a conventional Linux web server.

reaching out.....

Happy to send through JAD/COD combo for comment.

Thx. Maj

Major2008 01-30-2008 11:01 AM

Hi all,

Resolved this early yesterday AM .

1. ensure MIME types are installed and correct on server
2. compile application with BB JDE [make sure JDE version matches BB OS…]
3. Certify using keys from BB [i use protected API so need certification keys]
4. Isolate JAD / COD file. Rename COD to *.ZIP
5. Open and extract COD files from *.zip. DO NOT RENAME ANY FILES
6. Copy JAD [untouched] and COD files from ZIP to server in same folder
7. Send URL link for JAD file to BB via SMS or email
8. download and enjoy.

I was using a bog standard Linux server running Apache.

This worked for me. Hope it helps.


atleta 09-26-2008 06:21 PM

Thanks for the solution, it really helped. However I'd like to make it a bit more accurate: the crucial step is number five: unzipping the cod. (The MIME types are probably needed as well, but they were installed by default on my debian.)

I'm just saying this to point out that the JDE build (I'm using NetBeans and ant to build my projects) and the signature doesn't have anything to do with the problem. It's a strange one though, as the JDE tools seem to create an install file that then cannot be installed on the BlackBerries.

rivviepop 09-27-2008 10:20 AM

My ad hoc experience here is that for OSes less than 4.5 the max cod size is 64k before it starts to give errors; for 4.5 I think they upped it to 128k, as the "Docs to Go" OTA installer has a single cod that is 108k in size (specifically SlideshowToGo-5.cod).

I frequently perform your process above to convert desktop-only installers into OTA installable apps... (not like it's rocket science :) ).

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