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davester12 02-06-2008 04:39 PM

Berry411 tips for Toronto users
Just a few small ones:

1) One of the problems that's been noted with berry411 is that many Canadians have trouble using white pages to look people up.

Well, in Toronto at least, I've found that by adding and using the plugin "canadawp", I can white page people properly. Note: results are not organized by proximity to your location, but hey, its better than results from a far away US city.

2) Perhaps broader appeal here: If you use wikipedia, swap the plugin for 'wp'. It takes you directly to the search you're asking for, instead of an index page.
Ie. if you type in Steve Vai (a cool guitar player), it will take you right to his page, as opposed to an index page with all things 'vai', where you then have to click again. Saves a click!

Hope these help someone out there.
Anyone that can provide useful tips on how torontonians can make their search results more relevant, please tell! i.e. how to get proper movie listings etc.

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