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DaveAnderson 02-11-2008 05:17 PM

Reading comics on the BB
For me, I must admit. It's my 11 year old son's fault, though. I swear! :)

There are some comics available online in cbr format.

It seems nothing on the bb supports cbr.

That is easily resolved. CBR can be renamed to .RAR and the files can be extracted, since they are just a container for JPEG files.

I can convert the JPEGs to PDF or leave them as is.

I tried converting to PDF and then using Mobi on my Windows PC to convert them to Mobi format and copy it onto my blackberry.

This works but Mobi doesn't let me zoom in enough to read the next. It's pretty close but sadly it only lets you zoom once.

The other method is to just leave them as JPEGs and use the bb picture viewer. This works and the picture viewer does let me zoom in enough to read the next, plus pan, but when I go to the next page, I have to rezoom, which is a pain.

Just curious if anyone else has tried this. I know the screen is awfully small to be reading a comic, but the picture viewer convinced me it might be possible if I can somehow get the picture viewer to stay at a default zoom level.

Sith_Apprentice 02-11-2008 05:19 PM

you can email PDF files to your blackberry and view them with the native email attachment viewer. This will let you zoom in and enhance the image. you can also use Beamberry or Eoffice to view files on the microSD card.

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