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Klotar 04-24-2008 08:26 AM

Interesting Call Logger Application
I stumbled upon an application last night on Handango, and on a whim, I decided to download, install and register it.

It falls into the category of "I didn't know that I even wanted it" but after playing with it for a while, it now falls into the "Wow, this will be handy" category.

What is it? Simply put, it is a Call Logger application. 'Wait', you say -- 'we already have a call logger'. Yes, we do, but this puts the call (Incoming, Outgoing and Missed -- configurable) into your Calendar as a past event. And because it is a past event, it won't show up erroneously in Pocket Day or (I would guess) today screens. CallLogger

It installs either via DTM or OTA, and is an autostarting application that runs in the background and monitors your BB call log (and will require permission to access it). It also comes with (DTM version) a .pdf instruction document, and a plug in for Outlook (I didn't install that though) along with .alx and .jad installer.

Basically, whenever you make, receive or miss a call, this app will log it in your Calendar and record the caller/callee name (if they are in your Contacts or you have CallerID) along with their phone number, time of the call, and duration of the call. You can (in the setup screen) have the calls assigned to a specific Category and mark as Private/Public.

While this may not sound overly impressive, it does provide a semi-permanent record of the call -- one that won't disappear when your call log is purged (either automatically or due to low memory space) and becomes a permanent record of the call when you sync to Outlook (which doesn't purge old appointments).

So using the BB's search feature, I might want to look up someone who called but is not in my Address Book, except that my call log has been purged already. Depending on your 'keep appointments for' setting, this may be available long after your call log has been purged, but better yet, it's also available in Outlook if it has been purged already due to your keep settings or a low memory call log loss. The time/date of the call, the name and phone number will be there to refer to!

As mentioned earlier, if you don't want to track missed calls, inbound calls or outbound calls, etc., you can set it for any combination of the three (I set mine for inbound and outbound but not missed calls). While I don't use my BB for business, I can see the value of having such call records. While it's too early to judge the impact on the size of the Calendar database, I suspect that, for me at least, the impact will be minimal -- but the benefit MAY offset it if/when a need arose that I need to find that phone number from a call I recieved X number of months ago. If it happens to be gone from my call log, I can check the Calendar; and if it's gone from that, I can check Outlook's Calendar. But at least I will have it.

Mprezza 06-18-2008 06:55 PM

Hi there.

I found your post after I've researched this program. I was looking for a call logging program so that I can compare it to the monthly bill (Rogers makes things up as they go). I don't specifically like it showing up in my calendar as it will confuse me.

Are you aware of any other programs that do the job? Call logging - duration, date, and caller. Maybe just simply saving it into text which you can later e-mail to yourself?

Also, do you know of any other DATA logging products out there except the "mini moni"?


Please let me know!


Klotar 06-19-2008 01:08 PM

No, I don't know of any applications that do that.

I have detailed billing on Rogers, and that pretty much gives me everything I need to know (caller number, duration, date, time, incoming/outgoing, etc.). I suppose if one wanted to compare the total time, then on billing start day (mine is the 11th of each month), I could look at and make note of the Phone Info (green call button, Status) where it gives your total Call Time. Compare that time with the same info a month from now and the difference would be the total call time for the month (you could set up a calendar reminder to check the Status at the beginning of your call cycle).

Other than that, I can't think of anything that would help you.

Mprezza 06-19-2008 02:09 PM

I have detailed billing from Rogers as well, but they are making the numbers up - that's the problem.

I will keep logging, thanks.

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