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sempai 10-12-2004 01:36 PM

eBook readers for BlackBerry?
What are the options out there for reading eBooks?

I notice Adobe hasn't released Acrobat for BlackBerry. Interesting omission.

Mark Rejhon 02-22-2005 12:07 AM

(Found this in a Search)
If you are looking for a way to read Palm "Doc" files on BlackBerry, there's now a way! (Not Word documents, but Palm "Doc" format files)

The JEDI reader:
It's a J2ME/MIDP eBook reader for java phones. J2ME/MIDP midlet software works on BlackBerries, you can actually use Motorola/Nokia/Sony/Siemens java phone apps on a BlackBerry! more info.

To download the trial version, enter this web address on your BlackBerry:

It actually works from my tests. You do have to configure it by selecting 'Setup' after you've added a account. Then, select "Update" on the eBook (the default one "JEDI Reader Help") to download it to your BlackBerry. Then you can open it. There are some bugs with this software on the BlackBerry, but it does manage to read the Palm Doc files.

Also, to copy PDF files to your BlackBerry and view them from there, you can use eFile from Dynoplex and use it as a document viewer. It has the ability to view PDF, DOC and XLS files. Or you can email the PDF / Excel / Word files to your BlackBerry and view them that way.

tomeka 03-24-2005 04:44 AM

There is an another way for making ebooks for BB and it's working superb :)
You need:
1. TequilaCat BookReader 1.6.10 (beta) + Shell 1.8.5 - for making ebooks: jad and jar files from txt files (one txt file for chapter must be < 65kB, than you could create bigger tan 65kB ebooks)
2. BlackBerry JDE - for converting ebooks (jar, jad) to the COD, and alx. 8&vernum=0
3. BlackBerry Desktop - for loading ebooks on BB device :)

It works verry good and ebooks are full screen and suports localizations (polish for example).

..... and all stuff is free .....

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