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K12 07-31-2005 02:09 PM

PocketDay 2.53 (Wap version) problems
I'm an advid PD fan. Have been from the start ... which is why these particular problems are frustrating.

Background: 7100g device. ATT/Cingular customer.

When upgrading to 2.53 (using the Pro/Wap version of PD) I've developed 2 problems.

1) PocketDay does not show up in menus, despite the option being selected. Nor does PD start up on boot. Again, despite the option being chosen.

2) Weather does not update. RSS feeds do. Stocks do.
(Note: Re-reading Mark's PD Manual, I did recall his tip:

"First, if the weather and/or stock quotes arenít working, you should try and change the Internet Connection Type in the settings to Direct, then select Refresh Weather from the menu. If that still doesnít work you will need to follow the procedures in this document to get access: ...."

But for the life of me I can't recall where this Option (ability to change Internet connection to Direct) is found. Is it a PD option or OS option?

One thing I did try ... was to uninstall PD (pro/wap) 2.53 and re-install, but the these problems remained. I even deleted the modules thinking something corrupted was being carried over from a previous install ... no joy.

Any thoughts, from anyone? Mark, oh wise one ... what am I missing?



BTW, we have 2 7100g's in my family. I use BES on mind and 2.53 is working flawlessly. My wife's (the unit I'm having these problems with) is not using BES which is why I opted to install the wap version of PD Pro.


K12 07-31-2005 05:44 PM

Update ...
I deleted the WAP version and re-installed the "normal" pro version wirelessly. I now have the missing PocketDay Menu entry resolved, but still have no updating weather. I now have the Internet Option and changing it to DIRECT does not resolve the updating issue.

Mark has been his ever vigilante self and has contacting me about the problem. Bless his heart!

Will let you folks know how it goes.

K12 08-01-2005 09:47 PM

Problem resolved and was unrelated to WAP version (see link)

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