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darksaber 06-26-2008 06:14 PM

BB 8330 won't upload events to Google Calendar
I just downloaded Google Sync to my BB 8330. For some reason, the events that were created in my Blackberry's calendar before I downloaded the app don't appear in my Google Calendar. However, when I create an event in my BB now, after I downloaded the app, it appears in Google Calendar. Any way to fix this?

Baldie 06-27-2008 09:32 PM

I'd like to know this to. I'm experiencing this as well.

tbhuang2 06-28-2008 12:49 AM

some people, including me, have answered your question at this pinstack thread, but i'll just copy and paste what i said right here to get to the point:

what i've learned after going through this nonsense myself is that things sync over from new to old. what defines the "newness" of an event is the date of creation or recent edit (but i think the former is more important). google sync sees all events created before installing google sync as OLD, so it doesn't bother uploading those to your google calendar.

if you REALLY want to sync from your BB calendar OTA to the google one, you'll have to make it look like you added the events after installing the google sync app.

to do this without actually meticulously recreating them (note: #2 might be unnecessary, but i do it anyway):
1. use desktop manager and click on Backup and Restore to create a backup of the BB databases
2. click on Advanced and clear the calendar entries from the device (right side column)
3. click file > open > point to the backup file you just made
4. click on Calendar - All on the left column then click on the >> to transfer them to your device.
5. a prompt will pop up, asking if you want to replace all calendar entries. click yes.

your BB should now have all of your original entries, but to other applications it looks like you just created them!

the next time you run google sync, it will see all of your events, including those "old" ones, as new ones and it will upload them. you might want to delete all events on your google calendar beforehand if you don't want to risk double entries.

this kind of worked for me. i say kind of because it successfully recognized that it should upload all of my old events, however, i think it may have been too many events (i had about 88 or so) and the connection always failed in the middle of it. on top of that, any "All Day" events that did get uploaded had time zone issues, saying 7pm to 7pm the next day...

yeah, bad google sync experience for me, but maybe it will work for you! just try it. if not, just clear the google calendar and do what yettiman said above [pinstack thread reference: he said to sync BB with outlook then from outlook to google calendar via Google Calendar Sync] (it's actually what i do now, too because the All Day events show up correctly when uploaded from Outlook... very odd, but it works). good luck!

all in all, the google sync app is a GREAT idea in theory, but in my experience it's just buggy and doesn't work the way i want it to :-(

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