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finnk 06-26-2008 08:00 PM

TeeDroid Caddy - mobile golf caddying application looking for beta testers
We are looking for some beta testers for TeeDroid Caddy; it is a mobile golf caddying application and golfers network. Not only does it gives you the distances to the green, but also tracks your golf game and syncs the data with the TeeDroid site. As a member you can then view and analyze your statistics on the site.

TeeDroid Caddy

We will keep adding features to both the mobile application and to the web site to keep improving the service. Some of the future enhancements include handicap calculation, connecting with golfing buddies, comparing stats and rounds, club distance statistics, and landmarks. Members can also request features.

You can read the instructions and see screen shots in the TeeDroid Blackberry How To

What we want now is fresh sets of eyes to give us feedback on the application. Please fill out the TeeDroid Beta Test application to get a spot.

Hope to see you out on the course!

finnk 08-16-2008 10:59 AM

New features
TeeDroid has been updated with new features:

On the Blackberry side:
1. Manual Scoring mode - don't want to track your game stroke by stroke, you can now enter score/putts/gir etc manually for each hole and post the scores to the server. Has access to same on course features as Play by Play tracking such as distance to front, middle, back of green; hole advice, statistics, etc.
2. Quick go to hole feature - skip directly to a hole.
3. Display clock in title bar during round play.
4. In Play by Play statistics tracking mode shot type has been added - now you have the ability to track distance by type (full, punch, chip, pitch etc).

On the website:
1) Added course search, you can now easily search for a course by name, city, state (US), and country. Over 170 courses in the system already.
2) Additional putting stats available through Play by Play - distribution of putts (in hole, short, past hole etc), and putts made by distance - see an example from a round I played.

These are just some of the features added recently. You can still join the free beta, so come on over and join our growing community of golfers.

finnk 09-17-2008 12:53 PM

Landmarks and more features added
Landmarks have now been added as an on course feature. You can now get the distance to an unlimited number of landmarks for a hole. View a golf course landmarks example.

Also added a Play-by-Play tracker to the rounds page (see example from a golf round I played), as well as putts entry improvement. You can read all about the new features on the news page.

The software is very stable and ready for release, which means that in the coming days we will end the beta. So if you would like to get in on the beta before it ends fill out a beta application.

Good luck out on the course!

finnk 10-08-2008 02:14 PM

TeeDroid Golf Caddy for Blackberry now released
TeeDroid has now been released and beta testing is closed.

Just head over and register your account to get access to the most innovative golf caddying product for Blackberry phones.

Not only do you get on course distances and statistics, but you also get access to your statistics online and can compare them to your golf career. As a member you will get access to all new updates and features as they are added.

Get your own version of the shot tracker (tm) - the TeeDroid Play-by-Play round view (example from round I played). Great stats aren't just for the pro's anymore - plus you can share them, check out my TeeDroid member profile.

See you out on the course!

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