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caprib 08-20-2008 02:39 PM

Issue with Shape IM for Skype - Ideas to Resolve?
I purchased Shape's Im for Skype. I leave my normal Skype signed in on my PC.

When I use Shape Skype IM on the BlackBerry, my PC Skype gets a complete copy of the IM's back and forth, which is cool.

But, when I use my PC for Skype IM, all my outgoing IM's do not show up on my Skype IM pgm on the BlackBerry, only the incoming IM's from other people. I would like the Shape IM program to catch a complete record just like the PC does.

I have tested this with two PC's and two PC's works great. So the Shape IM for Skype is the only one that acts different.

Does anyone have their working where both PC and BlackBerry have identical records of conversations? Is there a way to configure the Shape IM for BlackBerry to work this way?

Thanks a lot!

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