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ankitb4u 03-30-2009 07:11 PM

iheartradio for storm.
One of the long awaited apps for myself was iheartradio.
I also, wanted pandora. But, had no luck with that either. These two apps were on my iPhone so I wanted them on my Storm.
Here is more info on this.
iheartradio on Storm.

For direct download go to
Your iPhone & BlackBerry are Now Radios - 750+ Radio Stations, Videos & More

Just, an overview for people who don't know what this thing does.
Ever wanted to listen to your favorite radio station/show on your blackberry?
Well iheartradio is the answer to that. It allows you to listen to more than 750 local stations. Its a lovely app.
Awaiting skype release in may.

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