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sararose 03-31-2009 12:36 PM

Question about Mobile IM (WebMessenger/IM+), Skype, and more!
Just to let you guys know, I'm not new to "forum posting", so I know how to search, yatta yatta. :)

I have searched on the topic, and I've found things relating to my question, but not exactly answering it. Also, I have seen the many threads on Skype announcing it's release to BB and iPhone recently, that's not exactly what I'm looking for either.

My question is this...

Since I got my BBPearl 8130, I've been using the free WebMessenger as my usual mobile IM client (meebo seriously needs to come out with a BB app!). I've finally got to downloading IM+ and BeeJive to check out the competition. I would really love a mobile IM messenger that can integrate AIM, MSN/WindowsLive, Facebook, GTalk, and Skype IM all-in-one buddy list.

My question is, in terms of Skype and the many different mobile IM services out there: I've found a billion threads asking how to integrate Skype onto BB. Thing is, I don't necessarily want Skype to make calls, I just want my buddy list the chat/IM feature. I know that WebMessenger has a Mobile Skype option, but even after reading the ReadMe document, I'm still confused as if there is a way to just integrate my Skype buddy list to my WebMessenger buddy list :?. I can only assume the WebMessenger Skype plugin is ONLY for making Skype calls and can only be used when my computer is on and has Skype running? Is this correct? Or is there some way to get my Skype buddy list for IM within my WebMessenger buddy lists?

Same question goes for IM+. I know they have a Skype app as well, but I'm wondering if it just plugs right into IM+ app so I can have my Skype buddies on the same buddy list as my AIM/MSN/Facebook/GTalk, etc.? Or again, is it just for making calls, and is a separate app all together?

I really appreciate the help and hope I haven't just missed this answer in the many Skype/Mobile messenger threads I found. :oops:

sararose 03-31-2009 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by sararose (Post 1338444)
Just to let you guys know, I'm not new to "forum posting", so I know how to search, yatta yatta. :)

Hahaha, and after I just posted this thread, I noticed my user title! :shock: Funny! :razz: 03-31-2009 12:58 PM

I do Skype chat from my BB using IM+ for Skype. It is not used in conjunction with the regular IM+ app. BeeJive told me two years ago that they were going to try to integrate Skype into their app but I have not seen any progress there. Instango said Skype is "locked" so they can't use it in their IM app. I hope the new one from Skype works well because the one I use now becomes dis-connected a lot. Iskoot and Nimbuzz also do Skype but my experience with them has been much worse.

dolphin_lena 04-01-2009 02:14 AM

Yeah, you have to install IM+ for Skype, not IM+
Download link
Trial is 7 days free of charge.

boonerat 04-08-2009 02:06 PM

Palringo is a free combined chat app that combines AIM, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, etc into one contact list

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